SpineMED Decompression


The entire spine (cervical, thoracic and lumbar) is subject to many stresses over a lifetime. Injuries and age are but two of the factors which can cause damage to the spine. When the intervertebral discs are damaged, they rarely heal completely.

Utilization of SpineMED decompression can relieve pressure inside the discs and frequently allows for the retraction of bulges or herniations. Spinal decompression is a safe, non-invasive therapy designed to facilitate the natural healing of the disc(s). The treatment corrects various causes of spinal pain, radiculopathy and sciatica – not just for symptom relief. Previous spinal surgery is not contraindicated unless hardware (metal) has been implanted in the spine. Each patient is treated individually, and the SpineMED decompression therapy takes place under comfortable conditions – lasting about one hour for each session.

Many patients experience significant relief after completing the SpineMED decompression program with a core strengthening exercise program. Maintaining a healthy weight and using proper posture maximizes the benefits one can obtain from SpineMED decompression.



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