Patient Testimonials

To My Favourite Pain Doc
And to ALL the office Staff.

Have a "Jolly Christmas"

From your "English" Patient!


Oceanside, CA

Dear Dr. Veliz,

Thank you for your sincere concern and care for Mark's health and well being.

We are grateful.

M & R

Oceanside, CA

Dr. Veliz & Family,

May our good "Lord" fill your life with many, many blessings.

Peace be with you always.

G & R

Oceanside, CA

Dr. Veliz and all the Staff

Thank you for taking care of me this year.


Oceanside, CA

Dear Dr. Jose,

My best wishes for an abundance of patients and success in relieving their pain, as you did mine!

Fond regards,

Oceanside, CA

Dear Dr. Veliz,

Thank you so very much for removing the pain in my right leg and back.

I can't believe I am pain free, thanks to you.

Thanks again,

Oceanside, CA

Dr. Jose Veliz

Thanks for giving me hope when I had none.

It is because of your tenderness and trust that

I am recovering, lost 23 lbs. I am using 1/3 the insulin I used to.


Oceanside, CA

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