Patient Testimonials

Dear Dr. Veliz and everyone at the Palomar Pain Management Center:

Thank you so very much for your help this year! Best wishes for a wonderful 2009!


San Diego, CA

Dear Dr. Veliz,

We sure appreciate the excellent care you and your staff give to us.

M & M. L.

San Diego, CA

Dear Dr. Veliz,

Thank you for the wonderful care you have given me. I appreciate all you have done. You are a very caring person and I respect your judgement in how you choose what treatment you feel will benefit me best.

Thank you.


San Diego, CA

Dear Dr. Veliz and Staff:

Thank you for all your kindness throughout the year. Every time I walk in there, I see your smiling faces and kind words.

You are appreciated very much.

Thank you again.

J. S.

San Diego, CA

Dear Dr. Veliz,

We can never thank you enough for thinking to order a CT scan for Will. The tumor which showed up was removed by the surgeon a month later. He was able to remove 80-90% of it. It is a WHO II oligodendroglioma. Will is going to receive follow up chemo or radiation, depending on whether the gene markers are positive or negative at the Moores Cancer Center at UCSD.

As a result of the surgery location, he has lost all of his left side peripheral vision permanently. He was told this would probably happen prior to the surgery. None of the doctors can believe he didn't have headaches (let alone seizures).

I'm sure you have saved his life.

Our warmest regards.

S & W G

San Diego, CA

Dear Dr. Veliz,

Both my husband and I are most grateful for the help he has received from you with the injections. His condition improved so much and he is now much more active thanks to you.

E & S K

San Diego, CA

Thanks to all involved in my care and procedures.

I want to thank the ones who called me to schedule and fight for my authorizations. It meant so much to me.

I've been a nurse for over 30 years and had my share of medical problems.

I found all of you to be organized.

Kind and "respectful".

You all were neatly attired and both facilities were spotless. Many patients watch and comment on those things and being an OR nurse I observed it, too.

Dr. Veliz thank for tenderness and caring for my recovery.

Great experience.


San Diego, CA

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